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At StarTec Security, we understand that there is more to security than just the design and installation of a system. Where a bank might have outside regulations to consider, a university may have access control concerns that change on a daily basis. All of which are considered when we design an appropriate security system.

When selecting a StarTec Security system, you are choosing an experienced team that has done more than just read the instructions. Restaurants, day cares, residents and more have entrusted us to design, install and manage the security aspects of their livelihoods. Whether it is a basic system with a few analog cameras, or a complex multi-location network solution with hundreds of IP cameras, StarTec Security would like the opportunity to design a system unique to your needs and place the system's control easily within your possession.

From a simple retail invasion alarm, or a completely integrated all-inclusive system for a large retail, financial or university environment, StarTec Security will provide a solution that will not obstruct your daily business routine.